About Senyth

Hi, I'm Senyth and I got interested in makeup a few years ago but just forgot about them until I recently found makeup tutorials while browsing konad nail art tutorials and shaping and defining the brows(yes, I'm obssessed with them LOL) that rekindled my interest in it. I'm not particular about brands, rather I look into the quality. Whether it's a drugstore or high-end one, if it has quality, I will buy it. My fave gurus are Lisa Eldridge and EnkoreMakeup because they're very informative and dedicated, xsparkage for her vibrant makeup looks, bebexo and xteeener because I just do. I don't have a reason why I like the last 2 gurus. =p I know gurus who are more famous than them but they're the ones I find who stood out from the crowd, IMO. Now onto my shades and a few random facts...

NC 25-30
Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation in #22 Natural Beige
Avon Simply Pretty Dual Powder Foundation in Light Beige
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in Sand Beige
Nichido True Colors Liquid Foundation in Stay Light
Ever Bilena Studio Finish Foundation Stick in Creme
Ever Bilena Mousse Foundation in Acorn
4U2 Liquid Foundation in 02
VOV Cover Foundation in #3

Skinfood Dark circle Cream Concealer in #2
ELF All Over Cover Stick in Apricot Beige
The Balm Time Balm in Light/Medium
Ever Bilena Mousse Concealer in Pure Beige


  • I can't leave the house without doing my eyebrows and whacking on a lip balm/tint. I can do without the rest. XD
  • I like experimenting with bold colorful colors especially avant garde looks but prefer to go neutral when going out if I feel girly.
  • I don't wear makeup everyday.
  • I don't like wearing dramatic mascara because my eyes feel heavy or sticky with them on.
  • I don't usually use mascara to seal in my false lashes with my natural ones(a makeup crime, I know xD) because I feel they ruin my beautiful falsies and read #1 xD
  • I'm obsessed with my lipsticks not having a blue undertone and an annoying smell/taste. I don't like very moisturizing lipsticks because I feel they'll slide off my lips amytime. Matte and silky finish lipsticks are my favorite.
  • I prefer tints over lipsticks.
  • If I had been a photographer, I'd be my models' makeup artist. XD
  • I mostly buy makeup to collect, not to use. Sad, I know. LOL