About Tricia

Hello, I'm Tricia. I'm a 20-year old lipstick monster.

* I'm always looking for a better foundation. ALWAYS.
* I don't like sparkly ones, though.
* I love MAC's matte and amplified lipstick finish.
* I love fun and vibrant lipstick shades. Hot pinks, purples, and reds are LOVE ♥.
* I feel naked when I'm not wearing lipstick.
* I do not know how to shape my eyebrows.
* I have pretty long eyelashes but they're thin so I always, always wear mascara.
* I love wearing black eyeliner, too!
* For eyeshadow, I prefer neutrals. I do sport fun smoky eyes once in a while, though.
* I apply lip moisturizer all the time when I'm not wearing lipstick. I'm kind of addicted to it.

Favorite brands:
Tinted Moisturizer: Myra Vita Glow.
Foundation: NONE AT THE MOMENT. #sendhelp!
Concealer: Ellianto. ONLY ELLIANTO.
Pressed Powder: Maybelline, MAC.
Mascara: Avon, Maybelline.
Eyeshadow: Wet n Wild. Nichido.
Blush: Fanny Serano, MAC.
Highlight: Wet n Wild.
Lip Moisturizer: Myra-E.
Lipstick: MAC, NYX, Revlon.

Make up Routine (usually):
* Thin layer of tinted moisturizer.
* Foundation.
* Concealer, under my eyes and over some blemishes.
* If I'm going out at night, I would usually wear powder foundation over the liquid foundation for more coverage. But for day time, just pressed powder.
* A little eyeshadow. Usually champagne and brown shades. I just swipe one shade or two all over my eyelid.
* Blush and then highlight.
* Very thin layer of lip moisturizer, and then a fun lipstick.

More random facts:
* I don't wear make up everyday.
* I used to love RED lipsticks more thank PINKS but currently, pink lipsticks are my go-to and throw-in-my-purse shades. That and purple.
* I can go out without foundation, powder, blush, etc., but not without lipstick.