Monday, December 27, 2010

4U2 Lemmings

So today, I accompanied my cousin, who wants to buy something for all the money she received this Christmas, in the mall. I was kind of swearing to myself not to buy anymore makeup products since I'm broke and I think there are still some products that I bought that I have yet to try. I bought the L.A. Colors lipliner in dark brown and 2 Marionnaud brushes in the end after a lot of contemplating. Haha.

While my cousin was lining up, my attention was caught by this little green makeup base of 4U2, which I thought was a concealer. LOL. Anyway, the sales lady was kind enough to "educate" me about it. To my surprise, she said that their liquid foundation would look good on me. She even helped me determine my skin tone, that I am in the yellow toned family. Haha. I was surprised with their liquid foundation, honestly.

The picture on the left used natural lighting while the other one is captured using Aperture Priority mode. I'm not sure why the colors are different but I took both with flash. My scars are barely visible with this foundation. :)

The sales lady used the 02 shade of the liquid foundation, setting powder, blush and lipstick. I actually liked what she applied except for the cream eyeshadow, which creased horribly after a few minutes. I was amazed with their lipstick. It's not drying and doesn't have that weird, funky smell that most lipsticks have, which I don't like.

What amazed me more was their foundation. It looks pretty natural, gives enough coverage for daily use. After 4 or so hours I had it on my skin, my natural oils started to peek out. LOL.

The prices range from P300 to P500, I guess. I may purchase their foundation after I finish my Nichido one. :) I'm really lusting over it and their lipstick, I may not be able to resist it. Haha.

Just when I thought I wouldn't purchase any more makeup stuffs, 4U2 showed up. LOL!


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