Saturday, December 3, 2011

Human Heart Nature's Mineral Make Up Line

Having a sensitive skin sucks because it limits me from choosing products in a blur. I have to pick up stuff which suit my skin best, otherwise, I'll suffer. Thank God for mineral make up, I don't have to worry if I break out because mineral make ups are gentle to the skin. What I am more grateful for because my ever trusted brand, Human Heart Nature, finally launched their (almost full) mineral make up line which consists of powder, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick and lip gloss. I bought one for each and will probably do reviews as well.

Moving on, here's a run-through of each product in photos.

Human Heart Nature Mineral Powder in Orient Pearl. Available in four different shades, just choose the one that matches your skintone best---Island Shell, Sand Dollar, Boracay Bronze and Orient Pearl. Each powder costs PhP295.

Human Heart Nature Mineral Eyeshadow in Sweet Innocence. They also have this in Enchanting Evening. I chose Sweet Innocence because the palette is not too loud for day make up. And I'm putting make up on according to my environment. I don't want my students to think I'll go to a night party somewhere while I'm teaching them. At the back of the box, they have an illustration on how to apply it. That's very handy (for me especially because I'm a noob at this). Each palette is PhP225.

Human Heart Nature Mineral Blush in Rosy Cheeks. Also available in Petal Bloom, Tropical Rose and Pink Quartz for PhP175 each. Best if you want to have just the right amount of flush on your cheeks.

Human Heart Nature Hydrating Mineral Lipstick in First Kiss. Sorry about the quality of photo. I'll post a review on this when I get their red shade, Lucky in Love, for comparison. A tube costs PhP195 and comes in different shades: Pink Skies, Coral Kiss, Sweet Nectar, Earth Angel, Lucky in Love.

Human Heart Nature Mineral Lip Gloss in Pink Hibiscus. This is HHN's first time to release lip glosses to add in their mineral make up line. Available in two other shades: Island Berry and Coral Beach, each costing PhP225.

Looking at those figures you'll see how affordable HHN's mineral make ups are, without sacrificing the quality. Head over at Human Heart Nature's website to order yours, too. Or at their Facebook Page to know where you can get yours in their dealers near you.


Jeniffer said...

OMG that's cheap... I can't wait to see their website and check some of the items they had.. I love make up too...

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