Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nichido Eyeshadow Review + Marionnaud N37 Eyeshadow Brush

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this. The two browns are quite pigmented especially the darkest one (for obvious reasons) while the white-purple-ish one in the middle barely shows up. It's pretty decent for a 168-peso trio palette, though but I wish they were a bit more pigmented.

- I love the packaging. Very sleek (trio). I can just throw it in my pouch.
- Relatively cheap.

- Has lots of fall outs.
- Not very pigmented.

Will I buy it again?
- NO. I can live without it.

I really want a black eyeshadow and when I swatched this in the drugstore, I fell in love with it. But for some weird reason, when I got home and swatched it again, it wasn't as pigmented. It can be built up, though. And even though it looks super gliterry in the photo, it isn't when you put it on.

Swatch: Trio Palette and Single Soft Black Eyeshadow

Pros and Cons the same with the trio palette above. And I'd still say NO if you ask me if I would repurchase.

This is probably the only thing I am happy about among this small collection of purchases. It's a 59php eyeshadow brush which I use for blending my eyeshadow. I really love Marionnaud brushes because they're very dense and cheap. If you're looking for good and cheap brushes, definitely check out this brand. Brushes are sold separately and I wouldn't recommend getting the set because the brushes in the set are not as dense / soft as the ones sold individually.

- Very cheap.
- Works pretty well.

- The type of brushes is very limited.

Sorry for the low quality of the photos. I don't know why they're showing up like that. :(


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