Saturday, July 9, 2011

L'oreal Haul

Hey guys. It's been a while! :)

Anyway, I've been so excited to post this haul. I've had these stuff for about two weeks. I want to write a review on each one of them but I think I still need more days to know how I really feel about them. For now, let me just show them to you. :)

Okay, for starters, I got all of these items from the L'oreal warehouse sale. Almost all of the items were 50% off, some were 70% off. Didn't go there myself, though. My friend who works in L'oreal (in the IT department) was kind enough to pick up stuff for me. I would have gone there if I could but that was an office day. Still happy that she got me these, though!

I didn't get a lot because as an official "career woman", I really have to be practical. Besides, I really don't need a lot because I still have unused items on my vanity table. So yeah, I asked my friend to buy me Php1,500 worth of make up products.

So... she got me two Maybelline BB Creams, a L'oreal lipstick, L'oreal mascara, 2 Maybelline powder foundation and L'oreal make up base. That's 7 items for around Php1,300! If I get them from the mall, I'd be (approximately) Php4,000 poorer. So yes, this set is definitely a steal! :)

Reviews on them soon! ♥


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