Monday, August 22, 2011

Super Haul!

This is a collective haul I had for the past month and most items I got are on S-A-L-E! :P This post has a lot of pictures, just so you know and this will be a long post, I guess. Haha. I called it "super" because I bought a lot of items that I'm happy with! ^-^

I got these face products from Ever Bilena in the Mousse collection, which is on sale for Php 99 each, including their blushes. I think the sale started last month and it'll end this month, if what the Sales Assistant told me was right. On the right is the foundation. It's kinda pinkish, but it blends well on my skin. My shade is Acorn. On the left side is their concealer, which is good for the undereye circles and dark spots. I got the one in Pure Beige.

You guys know how much I love bright eye makeup and of course, my brows. So I got this famous Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk, which works well as a base, by the way. I also bought their Cake Powder and Auto Eyebrow pencil, which is orangey when in fact I bought the shade Taupe. I'm not impressed with these which is a bummer. -.- I'd rather stick with my Wet N Wild brow kit.

Onto the lips! Just my basic needs, lip tint, lip gloss and of course, my lip balm. I haven't been wearing any kind of lip product since I had allergies, though. But you know what's the best part of this haul?

TADAAA!! I was browsing absent-mindedly through my News Feeds in Facebook when I saw these pictures under the Album "Sale Items". It rang loudly in my head that I had to see the photos and contacted the seller immediately. HAHA. Those two only cost me Php 1,600.00 when I would have paid Php 2,750.00 if they weren't on sale. :P I've been wanting a palette and a brush set, but kept holding back because of the hefty price tag they carry. I found the matte eyeshadows a bit disappointing though because they're not as pigmented as they appear. I actually found them powdery even with a base. The seller still has some products on sale. You can buy her items here if you want. :)

I bought these items as a set off eBay for the reason that I wanted to try the BB cream more before I go and buy the full-sized one. I got this in #1 Light Beige, which is a few shades lighter than my skin tone but I don't mind since I only apply a small amount on problem areas and it makes me skin brighter! I also didn't break out even after using it for almost a month. A little goes a long way, and yep, I still didn't run out of it until now. Curious about the eye pencil and lip tint? They're just "meh". I can live without them.

I normally don't buy stuffs like these, but when I saw the "Buy one and pay one for 1 Peso", which rings a "Buy 1, Take One" bell for me, I rushed to find a willing partner. Haha. Luckily, one of my College friends wanted to buy this as well, so we got a deal! ^_^ Good vibes, good vibes! I bought this set to practice with since I had this crazy ambition to be a freelance makeup artist. LOL.

These are the only stuffs that I bought for my skin. LOL. I use the Sun flower Beauty Oil as a moisturizer and I didn't break out so far. I hope not because I've been struggling to find a moisturizer that won't give me red bumps every morning. My skin is really picky because I also get itchy when the lotion I use isn't something it likes and Skin White is the only one that won't give me bumps or itch. I'm not sure if it's whitening properties do work, but I'm happy it has SPF 20. :) I use either the blue or this one. The rest are Venus & Mars products, which I haven't used yet. I'd use them for my dark areas, like elbows and knees. :)

I hope I didn't bore you and thanks for sticking with me till the end of this post. Very Harry Potter much, eh? Random fact: I can't express how much I love Harry Potter and I've been loving the series for 8 years or so already. :D

Till next time!


Mrs. Kolca said...

Wow.. MAKEUP! As in MAKEUP talaga! Lots of colors to choose from. Dropping by from GT sis. Hope you visit me back :)

Mrs. Kolca of PinkMagaLine.Com

missbebedoll said...

wow.. you got a lot of things going on here sis... :D I'm drooling at all of these stuff here! :D

I like the iron..where'd you bought that? and how much is that sis?? :D

The Average Jane said...

Love the color palettes. =)

Chasing Pigments said...


I got it at Watsons. They had a promo at that time. Buy 1 for 999 pesos and get 1 for 1 peso. So basically, I got it for 500 pesos only. :)

missbebedoll said...

wow.. that's a nice deal sis! :D by the way, I tagged you in my latest post here: :)

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