Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011!

Hi, guys! Did you enjoy last night's New Year Eve? I did. :) And slept pretty late. O_o I hope this new year will be a more fruitful year than last year for all of us. I'm feeling quite positive right now; a pretty good way to start the year. :)

Here's what I had for my eye makeup last night. I'm using 2 of my Ever Bilena palettes in this look and I'm pretty impressed with the quality and lasting power of the eyeshadows. Will do a review soon after I torture test it. ;)

It's just a simple purple and green look. The purple has more reddish/pinkish tones than blue though. My mom said that purple and green are the colors for 2011 so I decided to just combine those colors in. My camera's battery just died after taking lots of pictures last night, lucky I was able to take a very few pictures of my eye makeup before hitting the sack.

Have a happy and bountiful new year, everyone! :)


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