Friday, December 31, 2010

Shawill 12 color cream eyeshadow palette

Investing on make ups can be so expensive especially if you want high end popular brands. So while strolling around Robinson’s (Alabang) department store, I saw a display of Shawill makeup products. If I’m not mistaken, it’s just a new brand line (or maybe just new to me). It has a wide range of inexpensive cosmetic products. At first, I have doubts about the product quality because they were really inexpensive compared to other drugstore cosmetics, although the packaging are really good. I bought the 12 color cream eyeshadow palette to try out.
I’ve already used it twice/thrice already and I’m going to give my review for this product.

• Cute packaging. very enticing.
• Long mirror, you could see both your eyes although it’s slim.
• Inexpensive price! Php148 for 12 eyeshadows. That’s Php12 for each one.
• Pretty pigmented.
• Different palettes to choose from. I chose this colorful set.
• Also available in 6e/s palettes.
• Very shimmery and blendable.
• Good that there’s black and white in this palette. Easy to match with other shades.
• Expires on 2017! What? It’s at the bottom of the palette. See for yourself.

• On its first use, it is very glittery! But, it turns out it is only the top layer with glitter. Once you get to the eyeshadow it’s all nicely frost-finished. (What I saw on the brand display)
• Quite hard to pick by a brush.
• The cover says it’s a 12 color cream eyeshadow but it’s clearly powder.
• Bit hard to remove the glitters after washing my face. But you could try using a makeup remover that may/should work.
• -1 for the grammatical errors on packaging. (packaged in China but made in Italy)

Sorry for the picture. The eyeshadow wasn’t so clear mainly because I used white and silver/cream shade plus the camera flash. Anyway, another good thing, It stayed longer than I expected. It’s also good to wear at night.
Will I repurchase?

If need be, yes. But maybe I would try other palettes, like neutral or dark shades. I would also like to try their 6e/s palettes. I like this colorful palette so far (though I haven’t used the other shades yet). This one shows promise. For its price range and quality, I can say it’s a good buy. :)

- Kham
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