Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ever Bilena Advance Studio Finish Stick Foundation

After my dismay on my Nichido liquid foundation, I decided to look for a new one. I hope I can find some other uses for it. Urgh.

I hesitated in buying this because it looks quite peachy, but when it was sitting on my skin, it actually looked good, which is weird. It can be used as a concealer as well because it has orange undertones, which can counter dark circles. I must say, I'm impressed! I had this on my face for about 6 hours and even though my oils are peeking through already, I still look flawless! Yay! It accentuated my lines after that long, though.

It really suits me, right? :P I'm not sure if this is the lightest shade, but I have mine in shade Creme. It's only Php165, which is cheaper by a hundred compared to my Nichido foundation.

- Made my pores appear smaller.
- Nice coverage.
- Conceals minor spots.
- Give me that flawless finish.
- Pretty long lasting.
- Affordable!

- There are only 4 shades available: Creme, Beige, Miel, Soleil.
- May accentuate fine lines.
- It has that annoying cosmetic smell that won't go away for a long time. >.<

- Use a foundation brush or sponge in applying the product.
- Set it with powder immediately.

Will I repurchase? I'm always looking for better foundations, and if I can't find one, then, yes, I will. :)


Anna Luisa said...

thanks for the review! i also thought of using this as concealer. :) now i'm thinking of buying either this one or just going ahead and buy their mousse concealer.

Chasing Pigments said...

Hi Anna,

I rather like the mousse concealer more because I have oily skin, but it's semi-hard. If you have dry skin, then their stick foundation as a concealer should do the job. :)

Erica Anava said...

hi, can I ask ? After applying the Ever Bilena Advance studio finish stick foundation what powder should be use ? the loose powder or the EB Advance Two Way Cake in dry ? Because I am having a dilemma I want my face to look natural and not so white. Thank you :))

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