Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hits And Misses

I really need to control myself and stop buying things. Maybe not stop, but lessen the urge to buy products that I probably don't need. This experience just taught me how because this latest haul's results aren't so good for me as some of the products didn't work out at first glance. I'm being positive and hope I judged them too early. LOL. But, there are products that really made my day! ^_^

So much for the black packaging, LOL. If you're a frequent buyer of Ever Bilena products, then you'd know that most of the products I got are from Ever Bilena. XD Now, onto the blushes!

The packaging is really sleek, IMO. It has a similar packaging as that of MAC, I guess since it has two compartments, one for the blush itself and the other one is for the brush, which is pretty decent. These cost 150 Php each, BTW.

From top to bottom:
Earth - I just used this today, and I guess it made me look toasted. LOL. I still have yet to get the hang of colors like these since I'm a pink and peach blush person. But this would good for those with medium skin tones.
Cheek - This is just like a darker, shimmery version of Ever Bilena's Honest.
Honest - Similar to ELF's blush in Glow minus the shimmer. It's matte and that's why I like it. :D
Shy - a pretty shimmery pink perfect for night outs.
Raisin - my favorite. It's a matte baby pink color. It really gives my face a lift.

Ever Bilena's matte lipsticks which will be phased out soon. They're having it on sale until the end of the month so you guys better get a hold of it while they're still priced at 99 Php compared to their newer improved version which they'll be selling for 235 Php. That is if my source is accurate. XD

I'm in a lipstick and blush phase lately, particularly matte, and I know I have to consume them before I buy again. LOL.

From left to right:
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey - my perfect pink nude lipstick. I pair this with their blush Raisin and I'm good to go.
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Off Beat Pink - this kinda serves as my Barbie pink lipstick as of the moment. This is out of stock most of the time, and I immediately grabbed this as soon as I saw this one at Watsons since this was the only item available in this shade.
LA Colors Glossy Lips in Strawberry Shake - this surprised me because it's pretty pigmented and I love the shade!
Avon Simply Pretty Shiny Liquid Lipgloss in Strawberry Shine - very sheer that it actually looks like a cleakr lipgloss. -.-

The other things that I got which I didn't specifically took a picture of are:
Marionnaud angled blush brush - I'm gonna use this for contouring since I already have a blush brush and I love their brushes because they're dense and soft.
ELF Clarifying Pressed Powder in Honey - the product is good, but I bought it for contouring and it just gives me a red look, which defeats my purpose. I'm still looking for ways on how to consume this.
NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder in Translucent - I love the powder, but I hate the packaging. It's hella messy!
Wet N Wild Beauty Benefits Effortless Eyes(Shadow & brow kit) - my biggest disappointment! I bought this primarily because of the brow kit, but it turns out the brow powders, as well as the shadows, were so powdery and not pigmented! The darker shade of its brow powder can be used to contour my nose though.
False eyelashes
A pair of scissors

That's it, guys. Sorry for the long post! XD


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