Monday, April 25, 2011

MAC Lipstick Finishes

MAC doesn't only have a large collection of shades but also a variety of different finishes. There are 8 at the moment (9 if you count amplified and amplified creme separately). So yeah, there's a really a bunch of options and it's not that easy to find which one suits your lips best. So let me describe to you each one of them so you'd know what to pick up next time! :)

Amplified / Amplified Creme
These two are very creamy. I don't know what exactly is the difference between the two. I'm guessing that Amplified Creme is a little bit creamier? The color payoff is very good because well, it's creamy and pigmented. It's quite gloss, too.

I don't know if it's just me or this is really similar to Amplified. It's also creamy, very pigmented and glossy. The only difference I guess is that Cremesheen is more moisturizing.

Dazzling! Yep. It has super small glitters which might complement other people's lips but definitely not mine!

SHINY. The color payoff is okay, though but it's less opaque compared to other finishes. (Tried my friend's. I don't have any Frost lipstick).

I don't have a Glaze lipstick but I've tried it twice. It is very sheer. Almost translucent. And I also find it drying. I guess this kind of finish is best to be worn over another lipstick, it's not good on it's own. (Swatch-ed a million times in Mac counters!)

A tad bit more opaque than Glaze but can be translucent if not worn properly. I mean, your natural lip pigmentation shows through. So if you have very pigmented lips, I don't think that Lustre is a good choice of finish for you.

One of my personal favorites. The pigmentation is superb! And it stays on longer on my lips. It's quite drying, though. But putting on lip balm underneath does the trick... most of the time.

This one is almost as pigmented as Matte but is a bit shiny and hydrating. Also one of my favorites.


All the things stated above are just my opinions. If you think that I'm wrong, it's okay. I wrote these things based on my first-hand experience unless otherwise stated.


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